Celebrate Life 2017

Viva La Vida 2017

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Celebrate Life – Stories of the Sublime and Absurd is a blend of humorous stories and songs that celebrate life, love, travel, and relationships. Includes stories about Namaya’s neighbors in Vermont and adventures around the world.

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War is the Problem
Do Black Lives Matter?
Chile at Villa Grimaldi
Witness to Genocide: Israel, Palestine – A Journey…
100 Flowers of Peace
Talk Talk! Sculpture
Pentagon Man & Funnel
Eat War
Inevitability of Peace
Walk for Peace in Washington at the Vietnam Memorial
Back to School for Pentagon Man
STOP ECOCIDE: BP Oil disaster
Ecocide Reduce and Reuse
Imagine Peace
Infinity of Colors
La Cage Aux Folle
The Pentagon Man
Soldiers Returning Home From War
Pornography of War
The Tell: In Witness to Peace
No Me OLVIDES - Do Not Forget Me
Soldiers Returning Home From War
Tender in Our Love
GITMO - America's Shame
Not Pedophilia - Stop Rape

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