About Us

About Us

Services & Projects:  ART-Performance-Sculptures

Brattleboro Arts Capital of Vermont by Namaya and NPI team

Amnesty Solstice – A project to celebrate the heroes of Human Rights.

Inevitability of Peace

To protect and serve
& Tamir Rice

To Protect and Serve

We gladly accept invitations to create site specific art and performances to promote peace and community building.  Contact us at info@b4peace.net.

Recent collaborative projects include Project Corazon in the Dominican Republic “Water is a Human Right.”

Algeria – Rose d’Espoir “Empowerment for Social Change through Art”. Community Engagement project with leaders of Algerian Social change community


Santiago, Chile – Performance Art Memoria Hablar Dignidad

Children of Sharon Vt 1 Compressed

Peace Show “On the Island of Binga Bonga” Vermont

ART and MULTIMEDIA B4 PEACE PROJECTS that focuses on Peace building, human rights, and  collaborates and engages communities in a dialogue through  art and performance.

Key projects and performances:

  • Brattleboro Arts Capital of Vermont 2018
  • Building a Peaceable Community at the New Orleans Art Center Jan -Feb 2018
  • War is a Racket: Maj. General Butler USMC – Solo performance of General Butler. 2015 to 2018
  • Witness: Israel Palestine – A journey to peace
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation – Celebration of  100 the Anniversary art and installation projects.
  • Mineral De Posos – Gallery 9 Mexico – Pentagon Man and designs of La Cage Aux Folle
  • Memoria Hablar Dignidad- in Saniatgo Chile”  2013
  • Clearwater Festival – Croton on Hudson 2011-2014
  •  Pornography of War- Gallery show of art, performance – On going shows

Community Art and Site Specific Projects:  One Hundred Flowers of Peace – Art installation project in 100 languages

Performances: Gallery shows of PORNOGRAPHY OF WAR with multimedia performance.  Maj. General Butler: War is a Racket and the new work in progress a performance of the major art projects “PORNOGRAPHY OF WAR in an Age of Desire.”

Grace Cares – Community and peace building projects in countries around the world. We help to build community programs, health initiatives, schools, stove, and water projects. www.gracecares.org

Namaya – Art Rat for Peace – “Peace is not just the absence of war, but it is the presence of love.”

NAMAYA UNION SQUARE WITH peace flagNamaya – MIA, MSN, D.Sci. –  is a poet, artist, story teller, musician and playwright who, with the B4 Peace team, who creates art and community building  projects for peace.

A former adjunct graduate professor on Cross Cultural Communications/ Multicultural education. He has worked with international development and peace organizations. His expertise is creating community peace building art projects internationally. He is also a homeopathic physician and healer.

“From the detritus of war we create art and performance that celebrates the inevitability of peace.”

Zoe Kopp MSN, Ph.D.

Zoe Peace Fairy and Z Art Rat for Peace

Zoe Peace Fairy and Z Art Rat for Peace

Art Rat Z- program manager for the B4 Peace projects – Zoe is the lead creative partner with Namaya in creating the B4 Peace projects. She has been the founder of a women’s health center in Florida, and a community leader who has worked in international development. . “I have spent most of my life working in human rights and women’s rights, the B4 Peace Projects, and our projects with our organization www.gracecares.org and www.b4peace.net brings together all of my interests in promoting peace.”


B4 Peace Team 2014

Who are the Art Rats?

Peace activists, translators, and friends from around the world come together to create art projects.  For the 100 Flowers we have had hundreds of volunteers around the world.  We always need volunteers and interns.  Come join us in project!

Contact Us!

Universal Peace Day Aug 5, 2013

Universal Peace Day in NYC


Ethan Vesely-Flad  of the Fellowship of Reconciliation  in a review of  Namaya’s show, Witness to Genocide  said,“Through heartbreaking and heartwarming poetry and prose, Namaya shares insights of a life spent on the political and religious margins, in conflict zones such as Israel, Palestine, Yemen, and North America. Most of all, as an artist and a public intellectual, he sees his work not as a static statement, but as a starting point for open and frank conversation — welcoming a dynamic exchange, with critics and supporters alike, in a collaborative forum to envision a just and peaceful world.”

VILLA GRIMALDI – SANTIAGO, Chile – Memoria.Hablar. Dignidad.”We were very pleased to have Namaya and the B4 Peace Team created a collaborative project here Villa Grimaldi. They showed great sensitivity and understanding in creating a dance, performance and art project that celebrates human Rights. Many of our guests were deeply moved by this art project.”- Director at Villa Grimaldi- Carola Hildago.

CLEAR WATER Festival: NYC – Namaya and the B4 Peace team have brought an amazing amount of energy and creativity to the area since their involvement.  The content and quality of their art and installations that we have included at the festival has been exciting and inspirational.  It has broadened the scope of our political messages, which focus on peace and justice issues, has brightened up the area, and has encouraged interactive activities which draw more and more families to the area each year.  Their contributions have made a great difference in what we offer the public.  We highly support and recommend them for the continued artistic and political work that they do. – Roy Volpe and Sue Gamache – Directors Clearwater Festival.




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