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Cop Named Joe

In a small Vermont town there was a cop there by the name of Joe and four years ago he became chief of police. He said, “About 80% of our cops are good, it is the 20% we have problems with, but as chief I am going to see if I can do something about that.” He went through the ... Read More »

War Is The Problem

Dear Mr. Pentagon   Even for me as a kid I know that “War is the problem.”   I need a future So please stop the wars.   thank you,             Kids of the World   Read More »

Pentagon VULTURE

Devouring the USA 1 bite at a time This is a new drawing based on the series Pentagon Man. This piece is called” Pentagon vulture.” I have recreated the drawing of Pentagon Man combining Vulture Capitalism and Pentagon Man. More of this work can be found This is art for the show at the New Orleans Art Center called ... Read More »

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