Salt lake city and moab

Moab in southern it is astonishing. It takes your breath away with its grandeur and beauty. Visiting the Dead Horse, a terrible name for one of the most exquisite spots on earth. Dead horse. I would call it Gods most magnificent creation. I would have a photo it h this site but for some reason the web is not allowing m e

I only had a 36 hour window. To see this corner of paradise. One of the great joys in traveling is even at thais stage at having visited so many countries and places in the USA, is to being astonished, breath taken away

This is a perfect time of they’re to go, Moab is deserted, and the state parks that ouldbe overwhelming are deserted. You. One Ges the feeling of exquisite privacy

A privacy of spirit, the grandeur of nature, the cathedral of nature the privacy and joy, the spirits soaring, as I’m seeing eons, millions of years of history in front of my eyes. Seeing these valleys, and feeling the insignificance of my small moment in time.

Great joy, peace, and astonishment at being here in canyonlands

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