WITNESS TO GENOCIDE: Tikun Olam – First Show

WITNESS TO GENOCIDE: I to I – A journey to Love

This morning I am reflecting on the journey and the work of WITNESS TO GENOCIDE and how the story continues to evolve.  It is a journey to love.

Not an eye for an eye, but EYE to EYE, I to I.

Looking directly in the eyes and speaking directly to another.  Last night I performed GOLDBERG ON PALESTINE:WITNESS TO GENOCIDE in Vermont. Small group. It compels me to look at this show and the performance in a deeper level. It is specifically about Israel and Palestine, and it is about the holocaust and the Nakbah (the destruction in Palestine.) But it is also about the more profound question of our humanity and  our collective relationship to the land and to each other. So many issues of spirit we try to resolve with the bricks and mortar of this world.  We are divided from our brothers and sisters, but culture and language, and we don’t remember the heart of the issue — the issue is love, yes, that which binds us one to another.

Was this the message of Christ? The law of the talon, the eye for an eye, replaced with the law of love — holding our brothers and sisters with the deepest of care. Loving profoundly the other. “Do unto others as you would do unto me.” The message is love. Not by the outward display of a kindness, but by the deeds that come from the truest part of our spirit. The truest part of the spirit of Mitzvah the deeds that reflect the noblest part of what it is to be human.

This dividing line between animal and human. An animal reacts for survival. A human has the choice, does she/ he save another even at the risk of our own life.   As I am moving deeper into this story of WITNESS TO GENOCIDE, I see it is more and more clearly, this microcosm of Palestine/ Israel, is the mirror of our collective human journey. As resources become scarcer on the planet – water, land, and fuel — will we descend into more anarchy, more hatred, more destruction – or do we have the ability to gather all of our wisdom, love for our children, love for the beauty of the land, and forge a destiny that celebrates the New Jerusalem.

“To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.” William Blake.


This poem by Blake mirrors this journey about this ceaseless commitment, this commitment of self, to create a world of our truest humanness.  The truest humanness is where we are measure the true worth of our existence by our capacity for tolerance, caring, and love.


I to I.

In this story, Witness to Genocide, this is the story of my own healing, making peace with my diverse religious and spiritual paths, making peace within, not striving towards peace, but being peace. As a poet & mystic,  I celebrate our collective journey to a more profound, a more genuine humanness.  The most profound level of humanness is simply – to love.




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