CELEBRATE LIFE! Carpe Diem – Seize the day

Tennis Bliss The Latin adage Carpe Diem, I thought meant, day old fish, but maybe that is a segue to the real power of the quote – seize the day.  Take each day and make it as extraordinary as you can.

            A millionaire or a working person, a genius or a simple man, a poet or an illiterate, a camel herder or a rancher, a wanderer or a person who dreams of travel, each one of these embodies and holds this possibility that life is extraordinary. Even in our most difficult moments, when life and work seem to overwhelm you, find the present extraordinary moment and savor it. When life is calm and maybe too quiet, also cherish that time. Carpe Diem!

I like the Zen story about a man running from a bear. The bear is getting closer, he arrives at the edge of a cliff and it is a thousand feet down, and at the bottom is a tiny river. He leaps and then grabs a vine half way down. There is a moment of joy and then sees at the bottom of the ravine is a lion.  But he holds on to the vine, appreciating the sun and the moment of safety, when he notices a mouse nibbling at the vine he’s holding on to. Then he notices a strawberry growing next to him, he plucks it, and tastes the most extraordinary strawberry he has ever eaten.

So, in short, seize your day! Celebrate the paradox, the joy, the inexplicable, all of it is so extraordinary.

I was in Benares, India outside of the main train station. A mass of people swirling around, beggars, rich folks, and everyone in between.  As I stood outside the station, there was a family of four sitting on a piece of cardboard sharing a small pot of rice and vegetables, they were laughing and enjoying their simple meal. I didn’t understand a word, but the sense I had is that this family was savoring each morsel of food and laughter.

This is the present moment that is eternal.  I was sitting on a marble step of a church on the grand canal of Venice at sunset.  Just about any time I’m in Venice is a time of bliss.  As I was watching this incredible lustrous orange sun setting, the orchestra was playing a Vivaldi concerto, and at that moment – there were no other plans for the future, no thoughts as to what I saw today, I was carried away by the glorious sunset and the Vivaldi concerto. Even twenty years later that perfect moment is as fresh as it was yesterday.

Now in the nascent autumn of Vermont, I turn off my cell phone, the computers, and all the extraneous noise inside my head.  I watch the dance of autumn leaves, the smell of wood stoves burning, savor the cool breeze dancing across Blue Heron Pond, and breathe.

Carpe Diem – Seize your day!

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