Amish Girls – Mercy & Forgiveness: october 2 2006


Dreams of VermontMy soul wept on hearing

the news of the 5 Amish

girls killed by a gunman.

and the other children wounded.


My soul wept for the

shameful insanity


My soul burns for the

shame of being human.


After the last gun blast rang,

the children buried and

others cared for, the words

and actions of the Amish

were of forgiveness.


A depth of compassion

and forgiveness I find

difficult to fathom.


The faith of the Amish

community so powerful

that even this shooting

could not dissuade them

from this path of love

and forgiveness.


Now, many years since

this insanity, so many

more school killings and

war, and I am left humbled

as to the courage of love.

I embrace these children,

who in the face of death tried

to protect the younger children.


The Amish embracing

the killers family with

forgiveness and love.


I remember these children

today –

And the courage of love.

Naomi Rose Ebersol

Marian Stoltzfus Fisher

Anna Mae Stoltzfus

Lena Zook Miller
Mary Liz Miller

Rosanna King

Rachel Ann Stltzfus

Barbara Fisher

Sarah Ann Stoltfus

Esther King



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