Mesmerized by Sunset in Zadar and Tennis Junkie on the Road

Mesmerized by Sunset in Zadar and Tennis Junkie on the Road

Mesmerized by  dsc_0407Zadar on the coast of Croatia. On first appearance it seems that too much of the city is modern, with large parts of the original old town destroyed during WWII.  Like in almost all towns here, each civilization comes and leaves a bit of memory and in some cases huge fragments like the Roman forum or the Venetian walls. Yet, it is a charming town on the coast, and in particular is the Sea Organ at sunset.  The waves pass through a series of pipes and the waves creating an ambient music.  Last night we had drinks on the esplanade, watched the sun setting, and listened to the magnificent sound of the water and waves.   It sounds like whales!  The other day we were out at sunset with our Imagine Peace banner and passing out cards of 100 Flowers of Peace.


Croatia on the coast stretching down to Montenegro is a country of continual charm and surprise.  Yesterday evening I was in heaven in Croatia. I played tennis with a young Croat-French man for an hour on clay courts. Namaya the tennis junkie was in heaven!  If I could play every day on clay for an hour, I would be supremely happy.  I also found a guy who arranges tennis for travelers throughout Croatia. I know there is great suffering and madness in the world, but in this personal sanctuary, I am finding great joy in traveling along the Adriatic coast. Though we are disappointed not to make our trip to Iran as planned, we are happy to take this time to travel throughout the former republic of Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia a country forged from a dozen different nationalities, and religions,and with a rich agglomeration of histories, it seemed almost an impossible task to create a national identity from so many diverse parts.  Tito the ruler was one of the titanic figures in the twentieth Century having participated in the October revolution in Russia and was the leader of the Yugoslavian resistance in WWII and was one of the prime leaders in the non-aligned movement during the cold war.  But FROY has now moved on to a new era without the lumbering shadow of the Soviet empire.

In my first trip to the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, I am mesmerized by the beauty of the coast from down in Montenegro up the coast to Slovenia. This coast line has been inhabited since the prehistorical times by the Paleolithic tribes, Phoenicians, Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Mongols, Turks, Avars, and other groups. Some leaving profound influences and others mere remnants.  In the archaeology museum, the seemingly hundreds of countries that have been here are all on display, next to the old Roman forum, and the large Byzantine church.

Zadar by the sea, enchanting, and friendly.  Today, we are off to the old city again, traveling through the narrow streets, and finding the true spirit of this marvelous town. At Sunset we will be out with our Peace signs and passing out good wishes for peace.




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