“New World- Trump-dis-Topia 11/10/2016”

“New World- Trump-dis-Topia 11/10/2016”

fear-hate-trump“New World – Trump -dis-Topia” 11/10/16

 Climate change?

“We’ll burn so much coal that we’ll all

look black.  Ya’ see? I’m a multi-culturalist!”

says the Trump with a cackle.

 Federal Regulations?

“Chop! Chop! Chop!

This is the new Wild West.”


Department of Energy?

“Gone! Drill baby drill!”


Gun Rights!

“New school Safety Program!

Every White child armed and at the ready,”


Mexicans and brown people,

“All Mexican rapists, murderers, and job

stealers line up at the border.  First bus home to




“Either you bow down to Washington D.C

five times a day or you can get the hell out

of the USA.”



“Most of you Hebes voted for Hillary…

but I need a good Jewish accountant… .

Maybe could put them in a Reservation in South Miami,

or send them all to the Holy Land!



“The casinos! Imagine! Trump Havana Taj!

First we’ll finally kill the Castros and then bring in the

god fearing Cubans from Tampa!”


Foreign Policy?


Fuck with us and well drop the big one.”



“My buddy Sheldon gave me a huge donation!

We will  make Israel into a Holy Land theme park

The Palestinians can run the concession stands.

like the

“ Knock the Allah off the Jihadist!”



“My buddy Putin is a great, great guy!

Give him all of the Ukraine, Crimea,

and he deserve to be the Czar, after all

he’s a friend of mine.”


The Pentagon?

“Another trillion dollars for the big guys!”


Women Generals,

“All you lady Generals, it’s the swimsuit inspection.

Show me your best parts!  No fatties!”



“My new secretary of Interior Sarah Palin

(That chick has great legs!)

has it right – Drill baby! Drill baby!

More oil in the Artic circle than we can imagine!”


Homeland Insecurity,

“David Dukes is my preference, but that

may be stretching it, but a line of KKK in white

hoods may be a glorious site at our borders?”


Rudy Giuliani

“At last, a rabid pit Bull as Attorney General. We’ll

scare the Blue out of every bleeding heart liberal!”


Hillary the Crook!

“Measure her up for prison stripes! Who needs a trial.”



“Great place to store the homeless, mentally ill,

and young minorities… after all, what a great jobs

program for unemployable whites.


Japan, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea:

first load of nuclear missiles paid and delivered

to your door step…. .April 1, 2017!

China? A ring of Death will surround your chop-suey ass!


China, when all your factories are nuked,

the jobs will come back to the USA!



“Survival of the fittest. If you’re weak, sick, and old…

a thinning of the herd!”


Secretary of Health,

“Ben Carson…he would be great, great

to implement Trump-Care.”



“Tax holiday for the rich!”


Man, American is a great land

in Trump Topia.”


Unless, those who care,

organize and act, now.



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