Miss Liberty Raped

“Miss Liberty raped in broad daylight!”

“Bruised, battered near to death!”

screamed the headlines.


Low class hoods dressed in suits

were seen as being in cahoots,


as well as the major league thugs

with morality as slimy as any slug.


Trump and Pences’ prints at the scene

but the FBI wiped it mostly clean.


Supreme Court mute on the crime;

yet, petty thieves serving hard time.


Congress always appearing innocent

as to their guilt they’re quite reticent.

“How could we know what we knew?

We do what the bosses tell us to do?”


Senate caught with their pants down,

“Us? We’re just a circus of clowns!”


Senate, Congress, Trump all complicit

in an odious crime that is most illicit.


The real vicious crook finally snagged.

Front of a television set he was bagged!


SWAT teams stormed in, but no need,

our corpulent miscreant gone to seed.

Bloated, besotted, caught red handed

With the evidence clearly demanded


Mr.Apathy fondling Miss Liberty’s

Savagely torn and bloody panties


Come out with your hands up!

shouted the cops.

I can’t move I’m too fat!

We’ll shoot you!

I don’t care.” moaned Mr. Apathy

We’ll shoot your mother!

I don’t care!” he bellowed.

We’ll then, we’ll shoot your television!


No! That’s going way too far.”

“Okay, I’m coming out. No! I’ll go peacefully

Leave the television alone!”


Mr. Apathy was hauled off to jail

and no one cared to even post bail.


Miss Liberty’s life is still in danger:

Do we remain indifferent to her fate

or act as if we’re perfect strangers?
Is there the luxury of time to wait?


Namaya Jan 2017

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