Thirst: A novella of Love. Enjoy the novella! … [Read more...]

Salt lake city and moab

Moab in southern it is astonishing. It takes your breath away with its grandeur and beauty. Visiting the Dead Horse, a terrible name for one of the most exquisite spots on earth. Dead horse. I would … [Read more...]

Jubilation: I am your mountain (excerpt)

This is a an excerpt from a memoir of Miss Sally Jubilation a former slave who became a wise woman and healer in New Orleans. It is a memoir by my grandmother Miss Rosa who was an Irish indentured … [Read more...]

Hoo Do Dunn & Associates: Advisement

Hoo do Dunn & Associates: Advisement “Hoo do Dun and Associates. Advisement.” read the sign. It was located on a small street off of another small street, tucked in between the … [Read more...]

Two Assholes Having a Conversation

It was a spring day in Westchester. The sky was a magnificent shade of blue, cherry trees were in full blossom, but beneath this stunning veneer of spring in all its beauty, I felt the driven, … [Read more...]

Master Tong

Excerpt from the Diary of Master Geneticist Tong Identify. Quarantine. Spray. Inoculate. The formula worked perfectly. In … [Read more...]