Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Travels with Nique 10-24 August 2007Europe 2007New York to London: The seven hour hop This is my niece’s 15th birthday present as we have taken our other nieces … [Read more...]


Laundry List of Wishes

Laundry List of Wishes: An Art Installation Project with banners of poetry.First installation BrattleboroNAMAYA a poet/performance artist is presenting a fusion of Art and Word/ Poetry Design with … [Read more...]

“Cock/ Dick/ Pussy/ Fuck /Nigger : A Broken Crutch for Comedians

“Cock/ Dick/ Pussy/ Fuck /Nigger-- A Broken Crutch for Comedians” In the last few days I watched a few DVDs Queens of Comedy and David Chappell’s Comedy Special, a foray into comedy Central, a … [Read more...]

blog notes Monday, April 16, 20074/16/2007 9:33:16 PMRELUCTANT TRAVELERElvis Sighting in Malaysia!GOD SEX POLITICS 2007 Malaysia atNo BLACK TIE in Kuala Lumpur 21 April 2007I’ve traveled most of my … [Read more...]



AMERIKA UBER ALLES multimedia video production now available.http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=vermontpoetAnd on www.vermontpoet.com click on AMERIKA UBER ALLES.INTRO: THE PRESIDENTTONIGHT WE HAVE A … [Read more...]