Laundry List of Wishes

Laundry List of Wishes: An Art Installation Project with banners of poetry.First installation BrattleboroNAMAYA a poet/performance artist is presenting a fusion of Art and Word/ Poetry Design with … [Read more...]

“Cock/ Dick/ Pussy/ Fuck /Nigger : A Broken Crutch for Comedians

“Cock/ Dick/ Pussy/ Fuck /Nigger-- A Broken Crutch for Comedians” In the last few days I watched a few DVDs Queens of Comedy and David Chappell’s Comedy Special, a foray into comedy Central, a … [Read more...]

Bali Even Higher

Bali Even HigherBrief notes of Bali today as I'm spending the past few days in Ubud and the magic net of Bali is spun even wider in my imagination. Driving up from the coast to the high volcanoes and … [Read more...]

Thursday, April 26, 2007BALI HIGHYesterday, the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, and two US American women on the plane next to me, one, in her late 50’s the other her daughter, smelled like they … [Read more...]

Jazz Poet NAMAYA'S Gig in Kuala Lampur

21 April 2007SHOW TIME! Kuala Lumpur: No Black Tie Show time and the “dead time” before a show. Though I love the show and the creative process, it’s such a huge time drain getting ready … [Read more...]

Time Traveling in Melaka

Tuesday, April 17, 2007“Global Village Malaysia” Time Traveling in Melaka Went upstairs for coffee, a thick haze hangs over the city of Melaka, which appears as if until in recent geologic … [Read more...]

blog notes Monday, April 16, 20074/16/2007 9:33:16 PMRELUCTANT TRAVELERElvis Sighting in Malaysia!GOD SEX POLITICS 2007 Malaysia atNo BLACK TIE in Kuala Lumpur 21 April 2007I’ve traveled most of my … [Read more...]


AMERIKA UBER ALLES multimedia video production now available. on click on AMERIKA UBER ALLES.INTRO: THE PRESIDENTTONIGHT WE HAVE A … [Read more...]

Value of Home

Value of HomeReal Estate agent started to spin out some mighty big dollars for my home.I felt like I had won the lottery!“That much?” “And you’d never need to work again. This is Fat City, … [Read more...]

Urgent Love

URGENT LOVE Spring was impatient this year to be Spring. Spring was thirsty NOW to be Spring. Famished for the sun and lonely … [Read more...]