Lyme Disease and the Shingle

I have an excellent memory,

my vocabulary is at the top, and

I’m a published poet and writer.

I’ve also done my share of

carpentry and roof repairs.


Yesterday, my wife said

the word “shingle” not from

chicken pox, but the shingle

on the roof… for a moment I

knew it was a common word,

but I couldn’t think of what it meant.


I was terrified!

For weeks, I’ve had the mental

fogginess of Lyme disease, and

at times it feels like senility.


Yesterday, I too six naps.


I started to text and it came out

all gobbly-gook!


I can hold a conversation, but

I’m stumbling over some words.


Even my drawings, which I’m good at,

felt clumsy today.


I’m embarrassed and afraid

to admit this. I am a vibrant

healthy sixty-two, I don’t

smoke anything. I rarely

drink alcohol. I’m a vegetarian

for more than forty years. I can

walk ten miles and play tennis

for hours, but I’m exhausted today.


I am terrified, my thoughts feel

like their slipping away.


Lyme disease?!

Or am I truly senile?

Lyme!  An assassin

could never have a weapon

so insidious and terrifying


I am losing myself!


The joints ache, the shoulders

stiff, I’m mildly disoriented.

and everything feels like

glacial slowness.


Rounds of antibiotics,

herbs and vitamins,

homeopathy in high doses,

yoga and hydrotherapy…


Over the weeks since the

crisis, I am coming back

to who I am… a bit healthier,

stronger, more alert, but still

with the lingering soreness.


I check myself every time

I’m outside, spray, and then

strip naked and check myself

in front a mirror.


Today, I looked up to the roof

and said, “Yes, I am going to

have to fix the loose shingle.”


It is so good to have the words

and thoughts reappearing.

It is a joy to have the ability

to climb up the ladder for

a small repair.


Yes, it is good to fix

the loose shingle.

if you have any of these symptoms it is vital that you have an clinician who is experienced with Lyme disease to check it out. The protocols are very confusing. I was on Doxcycline 100 mg twice a day for twenty days, and then got reinfected. I repeated the antibiotics and was not getting better. I then Rx a double antibiotic, plus herbs, and homeopathy… today on the 17 I am starting to slowly clear up. 

This disease is very insidious. I know too many healthy and fit people who have been laid low by it.  The best thing is to check yourself as soon as you get in and remove the whole tick. If you have symptoms, start treatment immediately.



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