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Amnesty Solstice in Witness to Freedom

The above images represent the sculpture, photographs, and installation called “Amnesty Solstice: Witness to Freedom.”

The tower is about 8 feet tall (3 m) and it is a three sided metal tower. It has individual posters of the top Amnesty Prisoners of Conscience that are about 1 foot square.  They are incorporated into the 8 foot metal tower that is wrapped in barbed wire. On the barbed wire are individual glass globes with the names of the prisoners and their country of origin. The glass globes (lagrimas) are oil lamps and they are secured directly to the barbed wires.  At the peak of the tower is a flame from a small propane tank.

On the background wall are a collage of photos of Amnesty prisoners around the world. This mural is about 9 x 12 feet tall.

The project can be preassembled and brought to a public space or gallery.

In the long term, we would like to create an Amnesty Tower that represents a region around the world, but for now we wish to propose the one tower with the photographs, and murals.

The glass oil lamps (Lagrima)  have the names of prisoners of conscience and their country of origin. These would be created and can be purchased by individuals to support Amnesty Projects.

On a personal note Namaya said, “I was a friend of Father Marty Jenco in Lebanon during the Civil War in the 1980’s.”  Namaya had sent a letter to Red Cross in Geneva Switzerland.  Though Father Marty was hidden by his captors for a year, he received that letter.   As Father Marty was to later say,  “Thousands of people wrote me letters and sent prayers, but your letter was one of the two I actually received.”
That lesson taught me the power of love and prayer, and in the work that Amnesty and other international human rights groups do, we all send a message of love and solidarity to prisoners around the world.

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