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Presently, over 2 million individuals are suffering from Agent Orange
Syndrome in Vietnam. Two million veterans in the USA have AO syndrome. While
many American veterans receive compensation from the US government for AO
syndrome, the Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian victims do not receive
compensation. To learn more about the continued devastation and harm caused
by Agent Orange (AO), please watch this: VIDEO ON AGENT ORANGE by the
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B4 Peace

Dear Joe and Kamala,

Re: Some modest wishes and best of luck Excuse me for being so informal and addressing you by your first names.  Congratulations, a word that

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Journey to Forgiveness

Vietnam Generation

Shroud of War: Invocation I am the Vietnam generation. I am the generationof witness and fire. I was a hospital corpsman during the Vietnam Warand

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Agent Orange: Do Not Forget Me! - Namaya

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