Light a Candle for Christ Church Mosque

Vigil today at St Michael’s Episcopal Church in Brattleboro at 1 PM 17 March 2019 LIGHT A CANDLE:   New Zealand is ablaze with anger, candles, and prayers… I add my candles and prayers for the victims. Salam Wa- Alakom. May the Peace of God be upon you. And, I light a candle for the killer. I light a candle for ... Read More »

Beautiful Extraordinary Africa

We’ve been traveling since late November starting in Nairobi, Kenya, on to the fabled nature preserve of Masa Mara in Western Kenya, on to Tanzania – the Serengeti Nature preserve, Selu River, and to Zanzibar in December.  At Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Mozambique visiting one of our dear friends who is the new Peace Corps director. On New ... Read More »

Black & White Rainbow: South Africa 28/1/2019

Coffee Bay on the wild Coast night of the Jan 25th and Jan 26th Saturday and Sunday Friends, I’m sorry that I can’t give you moment by moment encounters of our amazing journey through South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Kenya. Simply we my great and amazing travel buddy Zoe, and I are having too much fun meeting so many people, ... Read More »

Maputo How to be awesome Guests.

Our long time friend Ellen has been generously hosting us for the past few weeks. Guests:  As travelers, how are we/ you guests that doesn’t wear your host out and you leave better friends? Generally, we say, three days is our rule, but if the hosts are amenicable (amenable and amicable combined).  Also, like us, without immodesty we are very ... Read More »

Dar Es Salaam Tanzania 14-16 December 2018

On the 14th through the 16th we were in Dar es Salaam. Flying in from Julius Nyeere airport. Dar es Salaam – like many African cities bursting with overpopulation, lack of opportunity, intense poverty, lack of electricity and clean drinking water for the majority of the people. One of the things that struck me however was how civilized driving was. After ... Read More »

Surrendering and Gathering: Tanzania

What are you willing to surrender on your journey? Can you leave your piano at home? Your dog Spot? Your golf clubs? The familiar foods? The TV? The hundreds of things that define our lives at home. What will you leave behind if anything? Some folks travel in a big 50 foot RV, with a car trailing behind, and others ... Read More »

Reluctant Blogger- The Silence August 2018

I am reluctant to blog. The thoughts and ideas are too chaotic. But I remember why I write, it is not really for you, i write to hold the memory of this beautiful life.   And in this process,  if you find something of value, that is wonderful. However, I am a writer, and always reluctant to post without carefully editing. ... Read More »

Planet Earth is not my first language

reclaiming my native language in a land of strangers  where the words of my mother tongue are sometimes too   alien and distant   I need to be back in my home land where the words are spoken every day my native language has no words for hate, anger, racism, or violence   only one phrase holds it all…   ... Read More »

At 62, before I go… and a brief Update

                        I’m not going, yet… I’m mostly healthy and fit, a lot of bumps and bruises from life.   It is nearing autumn, friends had died this past year, and the memory of their incomplete lives haunts me.   The rustling bones of autumn leaves dance in the wind.   ... Read More »

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