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Light a Candle for Christ Church Mosque

Vigil today at St Michael’s Episcopal Church in Brattleboro at 1 PM 17 March 2019 LIGHT A CANDLE:   New Zealand is ablaze with anger, candles, and prayers… I add my candles and prayers for the victims. Salam Wa- Alakom. May the Peace of God be upon you. And, I light a candle for the killer. I light a candle for ... Read More »

Keep the Statues of the Slave-holders, but….mark their deeds.

Thomas Jefferson fathered a half dozen             children with his African American slave – Sally Hemmings. He probably fathered more with other slaves.   He owned hundreds of slaves…             men, women, and children who toiled for him, while he wrote             the Declaration of Independence, “All Men are created equal.”   Did he ponder those words looking out to ... Read More »

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