Autumn Soon

Early August and high in the tree tops, by the mountain ridge, maples and oaks are starting to show the first intimation of fall colors. Last night it was cool down into the fifties and we huddled under the cotton blankets.  For weeks, we’ve been enjoying the glorious enchantment of summer with day time temperatures soaring into the nineties. Summer ... Read More »

Salvador Dali and I in conversation

Dali appeared inside the reflection of the silver spoon I stepped out of the clock that was melting like cheese and then in my harlequin costume of lies and mirrors I confronted the jester with twirling moustache, who dropped his red cape, bent on one knee, and the bullish Picasso did a pas de deux. Impossible angles mirrored in the ... Read More »

Cop Named Joe

In a small Vermont town there was a cop there by the name of Joe and four years ago he became chief of police. He said, “About 80% of our cops are good, it is the 20% we have problems with, but as chief I am going to see if I can do something about that.” He went through the ... Read More »

Yemen Burns in My Soul and Conscience

Yemen steadily destroyed by Saudi Arabia, bombed by drones from the USA, and dying from the complicity of its Muslim brothers.   When Muslims kill Muslims and shout out, “Allah Ahbar! God is great!”  Does Allah and the Prophet weep or laugh?   My beloved and beautiful Yemen, orphan of poverty and war. You are a harbinger of this century ... Read More »

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