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Namaya - Writings, Podcast, Art & Musings.

Celebrate Life at Everyone’s Books 22 Sept 6 PM and a poem

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Friday 22 September 2017 at 6 PM at Everyone’s Books in Brattleboro – Vermont poet and storyteller will read selections from his new book “CELEBRATE LIFE: VIVA LA VIDA” published by Vermont Art Poetry Press.  Copies of the book are currently at the bookstore.

Namaya said, “This is a collection of stories and poems, some will make you laugh like “Slugs as Great Lovers,” and “Sophia Loren at the Ice Cream Store,” but others are about love, relationships, and surviving family —  ultimately it is about finding the joy even in the wonderful absurdity of life

From the opening of the book, Celebrate Life –Viva La Vida! 

Yes.  Yes – to life. Yes – to the extraordinary possibilities in life. What inspires you? What is your manifesto in life? What satisfies you deeply – to the bone? “Celebrate Life” are stories, anecdotes, and, yes, poems about the journey of life. Don’t be scared of the poems. They ain’t fancy or intellectual things; they’re more bread and butter poems about life, and they might even make you laugh.

You can start the book at any point and you can read it for a few minutes or longer. Some of the stories may even serve as a reflection of your own life. They’re quirky stories of life in southern Vermont, the kindness of strangers around the world, dealing with TSA agents, coping with family and disappointment, and ultimately, it’s about celebrating life with the spirit of Zorba the Greek, who lived his life with passion and intention – he loved well, enjoyed his friends, and lived in the moment.

When people ask me, “How are you?” I say, in all sincerity, “If life gets any better, I’m going to have to give it a refund.””
Reviews and Comments:
” Some of the poems and stories make you giggle, others make you feel regret, but they all make you think, and they have a common thread of prodding the reader to take the time to notice the simple things — told with subtle humor and vivid imagery.”  Cicely Eastman -Editor Reformer

The poet Wendy Baez Brown said, “The joy flowing through these poems and stories is contagious. As you read this book, you will be immersed in the belief that our lives are precious and glorious, to be savored and shared. Namaya’s quirky sense of humor shines through these pages as well as a profound curiosity about human beings and an appreciation of each moment he gets to have with us..”

 “I LOVED the Celebrate Life stories!!!!  Wow, I loved the irony and humor of the “World Peace.”  I’m going to ask for world peace every time someone asks me, “for anything else”.   I loved the Viva Viagra story.  Bravo! ” Jack Fry – Playwright.

“I already can’t put it down! An insightful, witty, and inspiring compilation of short stories, poems, and reflections that show the true meaning of finding beauty in all aspects of life. I highly recommend it! “ M.McClain – FNP

Bio:  Namaya is a story-teller, poet, and multimedia artist. Author of books of poetry: Eros to Godhead, God Sex Politics, Vermont My Home, and now Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida.   His children’s and other songs/ stories and music cds can be found at He is the author of the memoir Journal of the Plague: Living and working with AIDS.  His plays “Beatnik Café” has been presented in NYC, and his solo/ ensemble shows “Witness: Israel-Palestine: Journey to Peace,” “Memoria. Hablar. Dignidad.”  “War is a Racket” have been presented in the USA and at international peace centers.

San Miguel  Allende Biblioteca – “We loved Namaya’s stories from Celebrate Life – the audience was enchanted.”

Seven Days Magazine – “Namaya is a modern day Thoreau in a world gone mad.”

Vermont Standard,  “Down home storytelling!”

 “Namaya is a Vermont Treasure.” by Vermont Life Publisher David Haskins

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