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Chile at Villa Grimaldi

Memoria. Hablar. Dignidad.

Namaya Productions and the B4 Peace Project by invitation of the Peace Park at Villa Grimaldi,  an International Center of Human Rights, is presenting an art performance project Memoria. Hablar. Dignidad.40. to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Chilean coup.  Namaya says “There are three distinct themes in this project: Memoria/Memory-to recall the events of the past; Habla/Speak -speaking out on the daily struggle for the Human Rights; Dignidad/Dignity what is the future of human rights in Chile.”


The opening ceremony on the December 21 at 7:30p will feature the premier of the dance “Memoria. Hablar. Dignidad. 40.” Developed by Namaya and the Santiago contemporary dance group TarDanza. Yasna Lepe Saldias, the Director and Choreographer of TarDanza is “pleased to work with Namaya on this piece which reflects TarDanza’s philosophy of contributing to work to emphasize the culture and values ​​of the Latin American reality.” At the end of the performance Namaya’s Solstice Tower for Chilean Peace Heroes will be unveiled.  Peter Kornbluh author of the Pinochet Files said, “Your project is very creative and important.”


The Memoria.Hablar.Dignidad.40. art installation including the Chilean Peace Heroes Solstice Tower,  a display of Namaya’ poem 100 Flowers for Peace in 100 languages and art by Chilean artist’s on the theme of “Silence is Complicity” will be on display in the Peace Park garden from the 21st of December until January 21st. A children’s B4 Peace workshop will be offered in January for free.


GRACE Cares is proud to sponsor the MHD.40. show in Chile where so many struggled to bring democracy back to their country.” says Zoe Kopp, President of the Vermont based international non-profit whose mission is to “support local heroes around the world.” The B4 Peace Project uses the beauty, vitality and healing power of art to move forward on peace and human rights issues.


Background: Namaya is an Irish and US citizen, residing in Vermont, who is presenting Peace Arts Projects around the world with his creative partner Zoe Kopp.  Namaya & the B 4 Peace Team with Art Word and Performances create projects that engages the ublic to reflect on the impact of war and militarism in society, and to create peace. B 4 Peace is a joint effort of Namaya Productions and the international non-profit GRACE Cares. B 4 Peace performances have been presented around the world and the MHD Project in Chile this December is the culmination of a year long project to celebrate human rights.

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