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Dump the Rump! Dump the tRump!

True, true, this

almost sad tale to tell

Rumpty dumpty

was a rich boy

with too many toys

bimbo blondes galore

And porn stars to adore

Spoiled rotten to riches

All girls & women bitches

His sleazy  life built on lies

Never questioned why — till now!

The king of con!

The Sultan of Swindle!

Teflon don of Scandal!

His genius is his lies

His lies is his genius.

Bully! Bluffing buffoon!

Everyone he’d impugne!

A lying twittering buffoon!

in the greatest of all cons

Dreamed of being Potus!

Even though,

Odious! Toxic! Odiferous!

And vacuous as Flatus!

King of con!

Sultan of swindle!

Teflon don of Scandal!

Gaseous bubbly flatus!

Awaken! Awaken!

Simple to awaken

to the fool who has forsaken

& dares to steal the American dream!

Life! Liberty! Equality for all


Dump the Rump Dump the Trump
everybody knows

the fools got to go

Every body knows 45

Filled with lies and jive

Impeach the leach

Impeach the leach

Long over due

spread the news

45 ain’t got a clue

with his racist view

time to pay the dues

Time! Time

Long over due

to say adieu!

Make American truly great x’s 2

Lock him up!

Lock him up!

Rump be shillin’ and a shagging

like that ho that he be

It’s plain to see!

He be Putin’s punk boy!

Kim Yung playing him like a toy

Fascism! Racism!

Rumps the poster boy white privilege!

with Hate as the new lethal edge!

Vulture capitalism’s pimping tool!

The chosen one?

The King of Israel!

Hell no! He’s a clown of hate!

Twittering tittering fool!

As dull as fool’s gold

If the truth be truly told!

Flynn! Gates! Cohen!

Manafort! All in prison for fraud,

Thieving, lying for the Rump!

Soon the Trump!

Put a chill on ICE!

This is Freedom’s price!

Ya can’t deny the lies.

Put a stop to ICE!

Hey, ya all, ya

got to know!

Immigrants built this land!

If you’re going to deport..

Deport #45

Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up!



Sick! Hungry! Alone!

dying in jail!

Sanity assailed

Where’s the shame?

Imagine Rump’s kids in jail?

Barron Trump alone, sick,

in an El Paso  jail!

Why! Why! Why!

Wake up! Wake up America!

Why! Why! Why!

Wake up! Wake up America!

Resist the hate!

Resist the fear!

Speak truth to power!

Speak love to hate!

Everybody know!

This Rumps got to go!

White fascism in rabid heat!

Demons of hate on the street!

Rump a Waddling excrescence of hate!

Stop! Stop!

Peace ya’ all!

I say this

Make America truly great!

My beautiful rainbow nation of immigrants!

Let your flag of justice and freedom truly fly!

Impeach the leach!

Bernie’s right!

Warren’s got a plan!

Time for a revolution!

AOC, Ilhan, Tlaib and Pressley

Listen to our new prophets

Instead of the war profiteers!

Let Miss Liberty Roar

This I implore!

Lift your torch of Freedom’s hope

Lift it high every bright

Above the hate and fear

Remember these words

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shor

Oh say can you see?

We are a nation of immigrants

from Sea to Sea

North to south

Brown, black, Asian, white,

and rainbow in between!

This is our true promise

This is the genius of the USA

We are a nation of Immigrants.

Stop the racism!

Stop the fascism!

Raise your flag of freedom bright!

Dump the Rump!

Dump the Trump!

the fools got to go

Every body knows 45

Filled with lies and jive

Impeach the leach

Make American truly great!

Lock him up!

Make American great!

Oh say can you see?

Do you have the courage to

fight and end the blight!

Dump the rump

Dump the trump

Make America Great!

Make America great!

Lock him up!

Namaya 1 September 2019

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