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Mitochondria of Love

It is the pulse of love,
pulsing mitochondria of love.
Feel the energy!
Feel the energy!

Love is the power of women
reaching out to surround the world.
The power of life,
love, and transformation.

The energy to heal the world
that starts at the cellular level.

This art before you, por mi hermana,
Laura Olalde, is the art
of creation, with colors, images
of the womb, the generative power
of women who bring life and love.
Verdad, esta es la fuerza del amor
La fuerza de la creación!

In the colors and the alchemical magic of
the mural the Mitochondria of Love.
Creating the essential cellular power,
the pulse of love to transform the world

The single powerhouse at the cellular level
able to transform, energize and create.
Feel that energy!
Feel the energy!

Colors, mural of imaginings,
in the most fundamental power,
the power of love.

To surround and heal the world.
let us celebrate this energy
this force of life
The energy is love. The energy is peace.
Transforming the world, pulse by pulse.

The power house of love.
Verdad, esta es la fuerza del amor
La fuerza de la creación!
The power to heal the world.

by Namaya Art Rat for Peace/ Jazz Poet


To honor Laura Olalde the Argentinian Artist and the City of Women Festival. I am Namaya, Art Rat for Peace, and Jazz Poet, humbly Celebrating the Mitochondria of Love

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