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New Orleans – Building a Peaceable Community 13 Jan 6PM – Thank you all!

This is a project that has been in the making since at least 2010 and before. Art, poetry, performance, multimedia, sculpture and installation project called the Pornography of War: What is more pornographic two people making love or two soldiers or more trying to killing each other?  We have invited artists from around New Orleans and the USA to join with us in this discussion on building a peaceable community.  Join us on 13 Jan 2018 at 6 P.  This project also includes – Witness: Israel Palestine a Journey to Peace and Deadly Ambiguity of Guns. 

Huge Shout Out and Thank you to the Many Many People who made this show possible. This project “Building a Peaceable Community” has been possible with the support of so many people – Zoe Kopp who has been the amazing powerhouse to bring this into fruition, Dean Gallea who has been involved in ALL the peace building and performance projects from the Jazz Beats, Beatnik Cafe, ClearWater Festival, Art in Chile and now has been involved in the building of the Trillion Dollar effigy.  Joey Sawyer Shaw with all the video productions. Yanella Parra and friends coming in from Florida. Steve from Texas for support. Tina and Herman at the New Orleans art Center.  The many artists who contributed to the show Building a Peaceable Community.    Deadly Ambiguity of Guns artists.  Please join us this Saturday and thank you all for this month long exhibit.


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