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Planet Earth is not my first language

reclaiming my native language

in a land of strangers

 where the words of my mother

tongue are sometimes too

  alien and distant


I need to be back in my home land

where the words are spoken every day

my native language has no words

for hate, anger, racism, or violence


only one phrase holds it all…


when I return home and tell of

where I live and the tales


they remark how strange and

lonely it must be


when I tell them of what they

do to the earth and environment


my family’s eyes tear up

and remark .. “How sad!”


“You must come home, it is

too lonely and too much sadness.”


And then they hug me in the ways

of our language filled with comfort.


“No!” I need to teach them all the

words and deeds our language.


In our language there is only one



In our culture there is only one



In our culture there is only one



One church


One people


It is all called


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