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Pornography of War

The Pornography of War is a multimedia project that includes art, poetry, conversation and performance created by Namaya over a number of years. Conversation is a key aspect of this. In many of the public art projects, whether or not it is in Copley square, Boston, Palestine, Santiago, Chile, New York, or other places around the world. One of the key and fundamental blocks of the B4 Peace/ Pornography of Wa is engaging people in a conversation about the impact of war and militarism in their lives. As importantly we mirror back to people how do we find peace, both within our daily lives, our communities and globally?

All of the art projects, such as 100 FLOWERS OF PEACE,AMNESTY SOLSTICE, MEMORIA HABLA DIGNIDAD in Chile, these are all part of the pornography of war. While many of these projects are presented individually, it is our hope and dream that one day they will. Be presented as one large exhibit. A number of the pieces such as the TELL PROJECT are site-specific projects created around the world