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Reluctant Blogger- The Silence August 2018

I am reluctant to blog. The thoughts and ideas are too chaotic. But I remember why I write, it is not really for you, i write to hold the memory of this beautiful life.   And in this process,  if you find something of value, that is wonderful. However, I am a writer, and always reluctant to post without carefully editing. I am not one of those writers who can easily jot down a blog or essay and it is picture perfect. I always write in my journals, 400 to 700 pages a year every year. I easily make a handful of drawings every week. I write new songs. And yet, oddly i have been silent. Some work on facebook. I realize that faceb


Yowling at the moon with Rumi

“The moon is calling you! Get

out of bed lazy poet!”


“Damn, annoying Rumi!

I am sleeping!”


Then he gave a

love tap kick that

tossed me to the floor.


I crawled out to the roof.


The moon was

luminous and lovely,

as luscious as the promise

of a first kiss.


as I yowled at the moon

a slender stream

of silvery A-minor notes


in an arpeggio of desire

leaped from my lips.


Ah, moon-light.



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