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Thank you for your service – please, work for peace

I had my veterans for peace hat on and a

young man came by and said,

“Thank you for your service, sir.”

And he shook my hand.


“Thank you.” I said. “But

can you do me a favor?”


He seemed surprised, but

quickly said, “Yes, sir.”


“Do something for peace every day.

Stand up against the military

Industrial complex

that is devouring our country.

Help veterans by opposing

the trillion dollar war machine.

Every day do an act of kindness.

That will be a way to thank me

for my service.


By living your life for peace,

you will be a great hero and

one day some young person

will walk by and say,


“Thank you, for your service.”

p.s.  Today what will you do for peace? The trillion dollar military budget is devouring the USA.  We are less safe. We are less secure. We need to invest in a peace economy. Rebuild our inner cities. Address the poverty in rural communities. Provide free health care to all Americans. Provide free college, vocational/ trade schools to all. Restore the original mandate of the EPA.  It is in the large work for political transformation that is imperative, but equally vital is work within our communities – addressing the issues of poverty, homelessness, and inequality. Thank all veterans for their service, by working for peace.

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