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Soldiers Returning Home From War

Soldiers Coming Home: A Project of Art, Healing, and Redemption The purpose of the Soldiers Coming Home project is to welcome home soldiers. We invite soldiers and veterans to join us in creating a flower garden of peace made of old combat boots. It is a project of art, healing, and redemption. The Soldiers Coming Home garden will be configured ... Read More »


Konsume?  is our latest sculpture and installation project. It is a meditation on consumer society. Each one of these letters is approximately  7 feet tall and about 2 feet to 4 feet wide.The final question mark is a gas hose with an ax piercing the globe. In each one of these letters is a variety of detritus (junk) –  wrappings ... Read More »

Amnesty Solstice in Witness to Freedom

The above images represent the sculpture, photographs, and installation called “Amnesty Solstice: Witness to Freedom.” The tower is about 8 feet tall (3 m) and it is a three sided metal tower. It has individual posters of the top Amnesty Prisoners of Conscience that are about 1 foot square.  They are incorporated into the 8 foot metal tower that is ... Read More »

Witness to Genocide: Israel, Palestine – A Journey…

This flag is woven from the flags of Israel and Palestine. In the center is a Jewish memorial candle. The flag commemorates the journey of the Holocaust, the on going Nakbah and occupation of West Bank/ Gaza. The performance art/ story is Namaya’s story as a Jew by culture, his journeys throughout the Islamic world and living in Yemen and ... Read More »

Chile at Villa Grimaldi

Memoria. Hablar. Dignidad. Namaya Productions and the B4 Peace Project by invitation of the Peace Park at Villa Grimaldi,  an International Center of Human Rights, is presenting an art performance project Memoria. Hablar. Dignidad.40. to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Chilean coup.  Namaya says “There are three distinct themes in this project: Memoria/Memory-to recall the events of the past; ... Read More »

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