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Yemen Burns in My Soul and Conscience: Could even the prophet forgive?

Yemen steadily destroyed by Saudi Arabia,

bombed by drones from the USA, and dying from

the complicity of its Muslim brothers.


When Muslims kill Muslims and shout out,

“Allah Ahbar! God is great!” 

Does Allah and the Prophet weep or laugh?


My beloved and beautiful Yemen,

orphan of poverty and war. You are a harbinger

of this century to come — defined by war,

refugees, famine,  and plague.


I lived in Yemen for some years,

wandered freely, welcomed into homes

of strangers and friends, and I grew to

love the people and the enchanting land.


When American drone pilots bomb

orphanages, homes, and hospitals:

Can even Christ forgive such hate?


Yemen is the Blessed Arabia,

beautiful from the mountains of Ibb,

down to the mesmerizing Red Sea.


Once blessed with rich fields, fish from the oceans,

fresh water, and resourceful and enduring people.

Once a poor, proud, ancient and thriving land.

Now the Saudis and their allies

are feasting on the bony corpses


Yemen, my love, dying from cholera,

genocide by the Saudis, the politics of hate,

and Muslims indifference to heed the words of

As-salāmu ʿalaykum– the peace of God.


Yemen, my beautiful beloved land:


How can the world watch you die?




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