Celebrate Life:
Viva La Vida

Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida – Humorous stories, poignant tales, poems that celebrate life, love, travel, relationships, and his neighbors told by the great story teller Namaya who is described as a “A Vermont Treasure.” by Vermont Life Publisher David Haskins.

Journal of the Plague: Living and working with AIDS

A memoir of working with AIDS patients on an end stage AIDS ward in a Veterans hospital in NYC in the first moments of the AIDS epidemic. Namaya am RN tells the story of the men, the people on the ward, and their struggles.

A Novella of Redemption

Thirst is novella about one man’s journey to redemption and forgiveness. In this surreal story, one man spends 400 years in caring for the sick and dying of war to find peace.


Vermont My Home -
Blue Heron Pond

Celebrating Namaya’s home state Vermont. This book has been performed with music on tour in Vermont. Both the CD and Book are now available. Namaya described by the editor of Vermont Magazine, “As a Vermont Treasure.”

Vermont My Home - Blue Heron Pond

God.Sex.Politcs – Poems and stories celebrating the intersection of God- Sex -Politics

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