Multimedia Arts

Art for Peace Building and Human Rights

Agent Orange: Do Not Forget Me

Do Black Lives Matter?

Pornography of War

Ecology of love

Handle with Care

Stop Ecocide

Public Art

11x8 Al Downing Park Feb 202211x8 Al Downing Park Feb 2022

The Al Downing

Agent Orange Do Not Forget Me

amnesty tower 2aamnesty tower 2a

Amnesty Solstice - Created for Amnesty International and presented in Chile and NY for the Fellowship of Reconciliation

Tender in our loveTender in our love

Best Hands Touching


The Video - Inevitability of Peace that is on the You tube.

Graphic and Visual Arts

Pentagon Man Posters

Ecology of Love Posters

Love in An Age of Desire

Love in An Age of Desire


Al Downing

Witness to Genocide

Video of Art and performance

Agent Orange: From Empathy to Action

Memoria Hablar Dignidad. Villa Grimaldi

100 Flowers

The inevitability of Peace

Pornography of War


Paintings and drawings

Abstract Art