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International Human Rights Art, Installations,
Performances and Community Engagement

“We create art, word, performance to engage communities on the impact of war and militarism.”

ABOUT NAMAYA Productions

Namaya Productions Is the creative hub for Namaya and the B4 Peace team that creates art and performance projects globally to promote peace building, human rights and community engagement.

Key Projects and presentations have been created in Santiago, Chile; Palestine: Belfast: and Peace centers globally. Current projects are for Vietnam & USA on Agent Orange in Vietnam, & Panama Museum of Human Rights.

“Namaya’s art subject goes straight to the danger zone and it is what is needed in our moment. In going to our collective underworld, it honors our humanity and foibles. The direct imagery, actual charged objects and his availability to participate in dialog about war and peace creates a safe place to bring matters out from the darkness, which is exciting and refreshing.” -Alison Beth Levy, Independent Art Curator

What we do

Talk Talk

Art Installations

Site-specific art and gallery presentations on the impact of war & militarism, human rights, environment, and social justice. Creating public art and sculptures like the Al Downing Park in St. Petersburg.

Villa Grimaldi Human Rights Center – Chile

Performance Art

Namaya and B 4 Peace team have created public performances globally that combine art, dance, and theater. Current, plays “House of War: House of Glass.” a children’s ecology play.

Witness To Genocide

Multimedia Production

Using imagery and a combination of text, audio, and graphics to create a production such as: Pornography of War; Witness to Genocide: Cost of War: 100 Flowers: Agent Orange: and other projects to celebrate peace


Highlighted Project

100 Flowers of Peace

100 Flowers is one of the most widely translated poems and is currently translated into in 105 languages. The goal of the  100 Flowers project is to inspire people, to take action for peace, no matter what language they speak, no matter what country they are from.

Highlighted Project

Agent Orange - Forget Me Not

 Agent Orange: Do Not Forget Me is a B4 Peace project by the artist Namaya and the B4 Peace team. The project’s goal is to increase knowledge and action regarding the ongoing environmental and cost of US military’s chemical defoliant Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

All Projects


Bring the Soldiers Home


Public Art Projects and Design


Agent Orange Do Not Forget Me


100 Flowers of Peace


Love in an Age of Covid: Photo Project


Villa Grimaldi Santiago


Israel-Palestine: Witness to Genocide – Multimedia performance by Namaya


Ecology of Love

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Art, word, performance & engagement to promote peace building, and human rights

“Peace is not just the absence of war, but the presence of love” - Namaya

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