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Dear Joe and Kamala,

Re: Some modest wishes and best of luck

Excuse me for being so informal and addressing you by your first names.  Congratulations, a word that should have come from Donny the Id months ago. Nevertheless, the old goat will not easily give up the house he soiled, but like the Aegean stable, the mighty river of Democracy may be able to take some of this horrific stench away.  The good news is that the nation did not completely disintegrate.Nevertheless, our Democracy took a terrible bruising.  Enough of the old goat; he will be tied up in his web of lies and litigation until he dies. It is time to look to the future fearlessly.

Welcome to the grand old house.  You’ve been there before.  Joe, I know, you wondered what it would be like to be the President, and now is the time.  It is the time for enormous courage and conviction.

Since I have your kind attention, my shortlist is simple:

  • Immediately reverse the idiotic grandiose executive orders over the past four years.
  • Universal health care for all Americans—one universal plan. No co-pay and no deductibles. If you want private insurance, pay for it.
  • Pharmacy pricing is regulated like in Canada and Europe.
  • Universal Education/ Vocational/ Job training program for all Americans and residents in the USA.  In turn, universal service of your choice – Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Volunteer service, or military for every year of college or school, a year of service. No deferments for bone spurs.
  • Housing for all Americans.
  • Clean water for all Americans
  • All Mentally ill people will be treated and housed.
  • Create a Department of Peace for peace building, conflict resolution.
  • Pentagon/ military budget is set at a fixed rate of 10 % or less of the national budget. Most other countries are at 2-4%
  • Sustainable green energy network by 2040.
  • End of all pesticides for farm production and golf courses by 2030.
  • All immigrants protected. Undocumented immigrants are fast-tracked for citizenship
  • All lobbyists and groups like AIPAC are banned.
  • No private money or donations for politicians or political campaigns.
  • Presidential elections are limited to 3 months and funded by the public.
  • End private prisons. End mass incarcerations of minorities.  Americans prisons recreated on the Norwegian model
  • Guns – Universal federal registry for firearms.

That is my shortlist of wishes for your first 100 days, or is it for the first 100 months?

 Is it possible for your administration to embody our dreams and hopes for prosperity and real economic and social justice? 

My hopes are modest for the incoming regime.  Sanity, reason, and honesty.  The White House and the White House press room no longer a torrent of lies, racism, bigotry, and hate.  As a nation, we are breathless of covid and bigotry

So Joe and Kamala,  our very best wishes to you and the next four years.

            We breathlessly await your vision, courage, and action.

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