Poet As Nurse: Nurse as Poet

I have been a nurse and healer for more than four decades as an LPN, RN, FNP, and as a homeopathic physician. (I have also had a lot of other jobs in International Development, as a Peace Corps volunteer, consultant for not-for-profits, co-Founder of Grace Cares, Navy veteran, college professor, and even a stint as a handyman to name a ... Read More »

Suicide and Remembering Life is Extraordinary

Note: I had received a letter from a friend about her brother who committed suicide. People who know me, know that I am generally an up-beat person, nothing really gets me down, and delight in life.  But, as with many younger people, there is confusion, pain, sometimes drugs, and the only way out appears to be suicide.  No, there are ... Read More »

Tech Support: How can I help you

Tech Support: Can I help you? I’m afraid. I’m sorry sir, I can’t understand you I’m afraid… ah… Don’t be afraid, sir. Why would you be afraid? The computer I mean, it isn’t doing what I need it to do, its stuck, frozen. Did you turn it off? No, I’m afraid to turn it off, I might lose the data. ... Read More »

Light a Candle: Embrace the Paradox of Love

This is the poem I read after the service at the #UUNOLA Unitarian church, and the Minister said, “Never come back here! You are out of order!” Another man tried to shove me out the door (he later apologized). Maybe the #UUNOLA is not so much into peace love and forgiveness? Regardless, this is a poem as a candle and ... Read More »

Celebrate Life at Everyone’s Books 22 Sept 6 PM and a poem

Friday 22 September 2017 at 6 PM at Everyone’s Books in Brattleboro – Vermont poet and storyteller will read selections from his new book “CELEBRATE LIFE: VIVA LA VIDA” published by Vermont Art Poetry Press.  Copies of the book are currently at the bookstore. Namaya said, “This is a collection of stories and poems, some will make you laugh like “Slugs as ... Read More »

DWB (Driving while Black)IN VERMONT

  Two friends from Cameroon were guests of ours for a few days. Both are well educated and well spoken, and have lived in the USA for a few years.  They indicated they were traveling by car in Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut;   I reluctantly gave them my perspective on DWB, Driving While Black, a phenomena that is well known to ... Read More »

Celebrate Life: Viva La Vida – Introduction

  Yes. Yes – to life.  Yes – to the extraordinary possibilities in life. What inspires you? What is your manifesto in life? What satisfies you deeply – to the bone?  “Celebrate Life” are stories, anecdotes, and, yes, poems about the journey of life.  Don’t be scared of the poems.  They ain’t fancy or intellectual things; they’re more bread and ... Read More »

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