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At 62, before I go… and a brief Update

I’m not going, yet…

I’m mostly healthy and fit,

a lot of bumps and bruises from life.


It is nearing autumn,

friends had died this past year,

and the memory of their incomplete lives haunts me.


The rustling bones of autumn leaves

dance in the wind.


My writing, art, and creative work…

too much is incomplete

too many dreams still to live.


I face this imperative each morning

at sunrise


Write more!

Publish the poems!

Varnish the paintings.

Create more projects for peace


and a few more dozen

countries still to see.


I want to wander in the Himalayas again.

Sip tea with friends in Ibb, Yemen.

Photography the Serengeti migrations.

Play my guitar at the Court of the Lions.

Sail to the heart of mysteries unimagined.

Dance with my love at Carnival in Rio

and this an all too brief  list.


I  want to savor each succulent

dream, suck out the marrow, and

lick my fingers with delight

at this tasty feast.


NEWS: 18 August 2017

 Please consider my new book “Celebrate Life,”


And also, our Kindness Campaign at –   Is the new Peace Arts Project in New Orleans.  THANK YOU  

– Namaya and Zoe

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