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JAZZ KU BOP: JAZZ IN THE KEY OF KU by Namaya with Friends

About this Event

Tonight a debut performance of Jazz Ku Bop: Jazz in the Key of KU

NOV. 5th @ 7:30 PM –

Also, on the bill tonight (See below)

Lauren Larken Scuderi / 365 Songbird and Shirley Reid/ Oxymoronics

Jazz Ku Bop: Jazz in the Key of Ku

tStep inside a world that is sensuous, delicious cool with a Jazz Ku Bop. This CD is a definitive fusion of jazz and word in a fresh new direction by Namaya, the Jazz Poet, who has performed worldwide in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and five continents.

Namaya said, “This CD is the culmination of writing, experimenting, and jazz poetry performances over the past 20 years. The best way to listen is divested from cell phones and distractions. Lie back with a glass of wine or some trance-inducing pleasure, and allow your mind to follow this train ride. A train that glides across the countryside through cityscapes and to the planet Andar. It ain’t a literary thing. Allow the words, images, the music by JSShaw, to wash over your imagination. Have fun!”

“Utterly agile and delightful—poetry filtered through a hep-cat cool.” Cyrus Cassells

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