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Love in an Age of Plague: Love in An Age of desire


 What is the nature of love


What is the nature of freedom?


Love in An Age of Plague – How is there freedom?  This photoshoot with the two dancers Elizabeth and Lucia, designed and photographed by Namaya explores what is the nature of love in an age of Plague. In this photoshoot, in part designed as a dance, the dancers were given the invitation to explore the relationship between themselves, nature, and this quandry of covid.  Ironically and sadly, one of the dancers was injured that morning, and could not dance, and  Lucia the dark-haired woman, needed to sit on the ground to perform. Surprisingly, this transformed the entire performance and photoshoot.  The performance and photoshoot was a beautiful surprise.


What seperates us from love?WWhat separates us from love?  What binds us?




How do we find intimacy and safety in our love and relationships?


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