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Pentagon VULTURE

Devouring the USA 1 bite at a time

This is a new drawing based on the series Pentagon Man. This piece is called” Pentagon vulture.” I have recreated the drawing of Pentagon Man combining Vulture Capitalism and Pentagon Man.
More of this work can be found


This is art for the show at the New Orleans Art Center called building a Peaceable community. In this art show he will have a component for youth and an international invitation for artists to explore the theme of peace.

My section of the show is called the “pornography of war in an age of Desire. In the pornography of War through ART, poetry, multimedia, and sculpture I engaged the audience in a conversation about the impact of war and militarism in society.

So to make this blog entry fun.. I offer a free poster of “Pentagon vulture” to the first person who can write back with citation of the true total cost of the US military for this year. Yes we will send you a PDF poster of Pentagon vulture.
To underscore for myself as a US Navy veteran of the Vietnam era, i’m not opposed to the men and women who servein the military, I am opposed to the military industrial vultures who are raping and looting America.


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