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Today in Palestine

The despicable Palestinians have continued to seize more and more land from the Israelis. In their voracious hunger they continue to take over more and more of the old City of Jerusalem.  Like when they won the war in 1967, they destroyed the entire community in Jerusalem over 400,000 Jews who were displaced within three days.

Then in one enclave on the Mediterranean sea, $1.5 million Israeli Jews are held in a virtual concentration camp. The borders are tightly controlled by the Palestinian armies and it is a savage occupation. When any Jewish farmer approaches the security wall, the Palestinian guards fire on them with machine guns. This Jewish enclave has the highest concentration of population of any place on the globe. 

The news from Palestine grows worse. The Palestinians have erected a huge wall several hundred miles long separating Jewish Israelis from their homes and their lands. This wall over 27 feet high is a monstrous thing. In one refugee camp outside of Jerusalem, tens of thousands of Jews are cramped into a tiny refugee camp, denied access to work and travel.

Waves of Palestinians continue to flood in from around the world, and they are given jobs, and homes on lands seized from Israelis.

United gives the Palestinians over $3.5 billion in military aid.

It is strange that the Palestinians are one of the worlds largest nuclear powers, but it isn’t a signatory to any kind of international regulatory body. When one of the scientists went public with this he was imprisoned for seventeen years. Though the Palestinians claim they are a democracy, they allow full citizenship for their own, but deny Palestinian Jews.

It is also odd that one of the requirements for Palestinian citizenship is that you have to be a Muslim, there are fully 30 percent of Palestinian Jews who have to swear allegiance to a Muslim nation. It is even more bizzare that the Palestinian national flag is written with the word “Allah, and the moon of Islam.”

The largest nuclear arsenal in the Middle East.

What makes this appalling is the APAC, the American Palestinian Political action committee that controls and prevents any discussion of why the Palestinians have so brutalized the Israeli Jews. I am shocked that no candidate to congress can be elected if he questions the actions of a Palestinian.

The President of Palestine recently said, “That quote from Netanyahu.”

This is all true, except reverse the words in the above, the Palestinians are the Israelis, the Israelis are the Palestinians.

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