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Travel Is An Essential Color to our Souls’ Palette

Travel is an essential color in my palette of wonder.

The comfort of my home in the woods, overlooking

blue heron pond, with all my creative toys,

holds me in a serene enchantment…


but the wind carries fragrances from exotic lands,

birds land on my porch with stories in their wings,

and the clouds with their tales of journeys

invite me to wander the globe.


I am a homebody and I am at home on the road

traveling with my love, guided by an insatiable

curiosity, delighting in meeting new people,

and savoring the feast of life and wonder.


On the Ganges river at sunrise, with the smoke

and fire of offerings and cremations, the stench and

beauty of the morning burns in our soul.


Snow-capped Annapurna mountains at midnight,

moonlight full simmering luminescent fire

that threatened to drown the world in beauty.

A melody of wonder in the most perfect symphony.


Venice the serene city filled with music, art,

and the thousands of secret sanctuaries that

I uncover. Far from the hordes of tourist, there

remains an exquisite mystery forged by time.


But I don’t linger in the cherished memories of

traveling adventures on five continents, nor

am I ready to nestle by the fireside to share tales.


Even after wandering around the globe for decades

I still hunger for the journey of tomorrow…

trekking across the glaciers of Iceland, visiting

the temples of Tibet, and places I’ve yet to imagine.


My palette of wonder is a rainbow of possibilities,

best discovered when I’m traveling.


Perhaps, I will see also see you there in a cafe or

walking in an enchanted dream of travel?

Come, my friends, let us wander together.










This is dedicated to my favorite gypsy travel buddy Zoe – who still inspires me to travel and wander the globe.

And to all of our friends who love to travel, discover, wander the world… I celebrate your spirit of adventure, wonder, and curiosity.


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